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The learning tower is the perfect accessory for any kitchen.  Your toddler can be involved and help you prepare meals, tasting everything along the way.

We make each item for you personally.  There is a 3-5 week lead time from order to delivery.

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This learning tower is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Your toddler will enjoy helping you at meal times, tasting everything along the way and learning the various skills it takes to prepare food and loving being by your side.

Learning Towers or kitchen helpers as they are also known, allow your child to be a part of preparing meal times. They can also help do the dishes and cleaning up. Unlike a chair, Learning Towers are a safe way to stand at height under supervision and the safety barrier prevents little ones from falling backwards. Your child will enjoy practicing peeling, cutting, mixing and grating. Our foldable learning tower is light enough for toddlers and children to push around the kitchen helping themselves to fruit and veggies (and likely getting into the fridge as well). Children just love a little independence and learning towers are a perfect way to give them just a little. They also help to free up your arms and legs as your little one will be right next to you.

The learning tower is constructed using 12mm birch plywood. The standing platform is adjustable on three different levels and can be lowered as your child grows. Once your child is standing in the tower, one simply slides the safety barrier in place to ensure your child can’t fall out the back.

The standing platform can also be removed to be used as a drawing board.

Not everyone has the space for a permanent additional furniture piece in their home, so we also have a foldable learning tower which still provides the same safety characteristics this learning tower and is a wonderful alternative.


400mm (L) x 380mm (W) x 900mm (H)

We make each item for you personally.  There is a 3-5 week lead time from order to delivery.

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2 reviews for Learning Tower

  1. Michelle De Goede (verified owner)

    5 star product. Looks beautiful & super sturdy. A worthwhile investment made. It is a game changer especially for dinner routine & my toddler now feels apart of the family especially when working & cooking in the kitchen. Lead time was as advertised, order was ready in 2.5 weeks. Wish I had bought one sooner.

  2. Paris

    We have one of these and I love it! So usefull

    • Tara

      So happy your are loving it! It is a definite favorite in our house. Can’t imagine our lives with out it!

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