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Small Pikler Triangle and Slide


This awesome small climbing frame/Pikler triangle and slide is super fun for little ones!  Supporting their natural gross motor development, the climbing frame with slide/climbing ramp assists with, concentration, sense of achievement, self-confidence and autonomy. A wonderful addition to any home or Montessori school or play school.

We make each item for you personally.  There is a 3-5 week lead time from order to delivery.

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Our super fun Small Pikler Triangle is the perfect starter frame. It is small enough for little ones to navigate, to pull themselves up, start crawling up the slide and learning how to climb. This is also a great Pikler triangle for more cautious children who like to take thing slow.

Little ones start to sit, then to crawl, to stand, walk and climb. Some children seem to start climbing even before they start walking. Climbing is a lovely activity which work so many areas of the body. It is said that climbing aids in muscle tone, balance, spatial and directional awareness, improved gross motor and fine motor skills. It also helps little ones complete a task in a specific sequence, solve problems and practice decision making. It is a wonderful way for them to develop self reliance as they navigate their Pikler on their own.

All our Pikler triangles join together to create a linear climbing experience. They can be joined by monkey bars, balance beams or slides/ramps. This allows which every Pikler triangle you chose to grow with your child as they want to challenge their skills even more. Our Modifiable Climbing Frame has great height on the triangle level which is perfect for kids as they grow older who no longer need their feet to touch the ground while doing monkey bars.

  • From around 6 months to 6 years.
  • Supports natural motor development.
  • Provides challenges for spatial awareness and climbing.
  • Supports, concentration, sense of achievement, self-confidence and autonomy.
  • Children can test and perfect their climbing abilities.
  • Climbing over the top is great for full body coordination.
  • Slide/ramp for so much more fun. Climbing angle can be adjusted to suit climbing ability.
  • Slide/ramp can become a horizontal walking plant when balanced between two or more climbing frames at chosen height.
  • Solid and Sturdy.
  • Easy to fold and store out of the way.
  • No assembly required.

It is constructed using 15mm birch plywood with 5 hardwood ladder rungs on each side. It folds together for easy storage. All mechanical fixtures are thread locked to ensure they do not become undone. Once the frame is opened a stainless steel safety pin is inserted to secure the frame in an open position. The wood is treated with an eco/baby-safe water-based coating.

The slide is  constructed using 15mm birch plywood and coated with the same water-based coating. You can choose from a variety of colours for the grooves on the ramp side on the slide.


Frame Only Dimensions

641mm (L) x 715mm (W) x 740mm (H)

Frame and Slide Dimension

1460mm (L) x 715mm (W) x 740mm (H)


We make each item for you personally.  There is a 3-5 week lead time from order to delivery.

Additional information


Ramp with Grips, Ramp without Grips

Ramp Slats Colour

Bubblegum Blue, Baby Pink, Lime Green, White, Natural


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